Commercial Services

Office and Public space Art The framing of your art in public spaces can be just as important as the art itself.  It should reflect the image and style of your company.  Florida Frame & Art has a large frame selection that will ensure that you will have the right style of frame for you needs, from the very contemporary to the very traditional and everything in between.

Instead of common images seen everywhere, we have access to more interesting art, that will make a positive statement.  This includes some local award winning artists that produce limited edition giclee prints that are on high quality paper printed with archival inks, priced not much more than standard prints.  We also have a great selection of images of Tampa and Florida (Tampa skyline, landmark buildings and landscape) that will make your office look more regional and interesting.

Wall of fame Beautifully framed photographs of your work or product will show potential new clients what your company is about while providing interesting wall décor for your office.  We will work with you in choosing the framing that will complement your office space and makes a positive, visual statement about your company.

Framing of Awards Make your employee awards something special and inspiring, rather than mundane and uninspiring. We will work with you to design a distinctive framed award or certificate that your employee will be proud to display.

Thank you and/or going away gift A perfect gift from your company to an associate that is being transferred to another location or leaving for other reasons, is a framed image of Tampa.  We have many sizes, from small to large, of Tampa landmarks.  Some companies have also had their office personnel sign these iconic images before they were framed.  These have always proved to be quite memorable gifts.  A variation is to put a personalized engraved plate underneath the Tampa image.