David Hunter

David Hunter ExampleA native of central Florida, David Hunter has found in line etching a medium which will produce the fine detail which characterizes his work. Although having worked in other media such as oils, acrylics, pencil and pen-and-ink, printmaking has become the special medium for which he is known. His etchings, which range in image size from 1 ½” X 2” up to 24” X 30”, cover such diverse subject areas as landscapes, nautical scenes, human character studies, wildlife, and architecture.

David has taken the tedious technique of line etching to extremes, spending as much as two to three months working daily on a single zinc plate. The results of his efforts are etchings whose subtle gradations in tone and detail offer the viewer a sense of space and reality. The etchings are hand printed in an ink of a single color. Occasionally, some hand tinting is added. But, in most images, the plate is designed so that the image is finished when it is removed from the press.

Because of David’s devotion to detail and mastery of the etching technique, the publisher of The Old Farmer’s Almanac commissioned David to re-etch the cover of that well-known annual magazine in 1986.

David has exhibited his work in juried art shows since the summer of 1977, taking numerous awards in the ensuing years. David’s work is exhibited in galleries throughout the Eastern United States. His work is in the collection of the National Maritime Museum in London, England and in corporate collections in the United States.